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Interlocking Paver Installation

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M.W.C.C. Ltd can preform a variety of interlocking paver installation on your property. We do driveways, patios, walkways and steps using many different styles of pavers, so that the pavers match your property’s aesthetic. There are modern pavers and patterns for more modern styles, as well as classic pavers and patterns to match historic properties. We always recommend pavers that suit the property.

Interlocking Paver Repair and Relaying

M.W.C.C. Ltd is able to repair interlocking features on your property that may have shifted and moved over the years. Interlocking pavers are a long term investment and can be reused multiple times saving you the cost of purchasing new ones. We will lift up the existing pavers, determine the reason that the pavers shifted and correct the situation, compact the base, level and place the pavers. Your driveway, walkway, or patio will appear brand new, and last for many more years.

Maxwell Wilson

My name is Maxwell Wilson and I am here to help you create the landscape you have always wanted. I am extremely passionate about construction, and truly enjoy building landscapes that use both hard and soft scape elements, to create functionality and beauty. I will work with you, the customer, to understand what your specific style is, and how you intend to use your outdoor space. Together we will build lasting features that you, and your family will enjoy for years to come. Customer satisfaction is my highest value, which means quality of work, materials, and customer service will never be compromised.

Interlocking Pavers

Why choose interlocking pavers?

Interlocking pavers are a more expensive initial investment, but the longevity of the product is where the value is. After many years of use, it is inevitable that sections of your interlocking feature will shift. The same is true for concrete and asphalt, but where as concrete and asphalt has to be replaced once cracked and shifted, interlocking can be removed, the base repaired, then placed back without purchasing new pavers.

What if my car leaked oil on my pavers and there is a stain?

Oil will stain your pavers, luckily some pavers are finished on both sides and can be flipped over, hiding the stained side.  When installing a new paver driveway, I always include extra pavers that the homeowner can store incase of situations like this.

Helpful tips to maintaining your pavers

Polymeric sand is key to the stability of your interlocking. If the elements begin to erode some of the sand in the joints or vegetation begins to grow between the pavers, it will lessen the stability and allow the pavers to become displaced. It is best to clean the pavers and joints at the first signs of erosion and replace the polymeric sand.

Cleaning the degraded polymeric sand and vegetation from the joints of your interlocking pavers only requires a pressure washer and some time. Once the old sand and weeds are removed, wait until the pavers are completely dry, sweep the new polymeric sand into the joints until they are full and remove any excess. Be careful not to leave any sand on the top of the pavers, a leaf blower works best to remove excess without removing sand from the joints. Once joints are full and excess has been removed. sprinkle the surface with water to activate the polymeric sand.

How long do interlocking pavers last?

Inter locking pavers have the potential to last a lifetime. A great example of this was this job we completed for a customer. This backyard patio was first constructed 13 years ago and although the previous contractor constructed the base very well, our Canadian seasons still managed to shift the pavers and allow water to pool in certain locations.

Had this customer allowed the water to pool on top of the pavers and infiltrate into the base, the shifting due to frost would have accelerated each year. Water that infiltrates the base in the fall freezes and expands, lifting pavers and compromises the integrity and compaction of the base.

Catching the pooling early saves in the amount of work and cost associated with the repair. Our team was able to lift the pavers in the trouble areas, adjust the grade of the base using a precision laser so that there is adequate slope. The pavers are then placed on top of the repaired base and the patio looks just as good as the day it was built, at a fraction of the original construction cost.

Understanding the construction of interlocking pavers

When searching for a contractor to install your interlocking pavers, there will be a wide variety of prices, but the cost differences are usually related to the installation and preparation of the base. As a customer, you will need to understand fully how each contractor will prepare the base in order to be able to compare each contractor’s price. What thickness of base is each contractor providing? What size of equipment will be used to compact the base? Will there be geo textiles included? All these factors affect the price of each contractors work. For example, you cannot compare the construction of an 18” base to a 8” base.

It’s all about the base! Base preparations for your interlocking feature will determine how many years you will enjoy your investment without costly repairs. Like anything else, technologies in base construction are continuously improving year to year. There have been advances in the application of technologies such as geo textiles. Geo textiles have been proven to extend the performance of the base drastically as well as lower the cost of excavation.

At M.W.C.C. ltd. we work with suppliers to continuously train and refine best practices of base installation and use of geo textiles, to ensure that our work stands the test of time. 

We are committed to providing you with outstanding professional service 

Maxwell Wilson Construction Contracting Ltd. is a residential/commercial landscape contractor serving the southern Georgian Bay. Based in Tiny Township, we service anywhere west to Wasaga beach and east to Orillia, south to Barrie and north to Honey Harbour.  We offer a variety of hard-scape, soft-scape installation and repair services in order to create the outdoor space you envision.

Our hard-scape services include installation and repair of interlocking driveways, walkways, patios, fireplaces, retaining walls, and installation and repair of concrete walkways.

Our soft-scape services include lot grading, erosion/water control, sod repair and installation, and tree and shrub planting.

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